Evaluation the articles published in Internet.

1. Arguments For and Against Affirmative Action, by Gayle Martindale.

The author name is not known, also there is not any information which would indicate, that this article was published in the credible journal or magazine. Furthermore , since it was published just on Internet, the other people, who is an expert in that area did not comment, or correct the text .The article itself looks like an illustrative essay with pro  and contro arguments on the affirmative action. Goes on, there is no any citatations which verifies the information in the article.

2.Ten Myth About Affirmative action, by McGraw-Hill.

It is noted in the article, that this text in first place was published in “Journal of Social Issues”. The author appeared to strongly support  affirmative action. The article has citations , diagrams, resources to buck up author opinion.


This web page looks like not trustworthy, because information from their page is not  verified. For example, the announcement ,that first time in the history the male in their care become pregnant sounds like  joke, because in such case, this news would be literally everywhere. Also the picture of the hospital looks nice, yet  there is no address,  or telephone   of this hospital on their web page.

4.HIV in the US

This article looks like trustworthy, because it has citations , and also contains data inside. Furthermore, the article  published on Government site, which means that all  data is true and correct .

5.Pregnant women can drink safely in moderation

This article looks like a blog. There is no any confirmation on the data. Futhermore , it is unknown who is the author, where else it was published. At the end of the text there is one reference ,but since this reference missing the name of the publisher there is no chance to verify what this particular reference is all about.

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Debate transcript-O’Malley-Enrilch

Debate transcript- O’Malley-Enrilch.

Present Governor makes an argument, that people have to vote for him, if they want”to move Maryland forward”. Data: Governor O’Malley pointed out that, his administration created 33000 new jobs(the Bureau of labor Statistics). Also, he mentioned, that he is supported by businesspeople from most important sectors, as”life science and biotech”. Warrant:warrant in this claim is assumption , that creating new jobs and being supported by businesspeople, are clear indicators of recovering economy. So it is the link between data and claim: if you want to establish new businesses and workplaces ,-vote for O’Malley. It is common knowledge, that healthy businesses create work places and are very important for economy, but data itself (“I have been supported by 200 businesspeople throughout our state “), does not sound completely persuasive. For the person, who is not professional economist , is not clear how many businesspeople (and if this matter small or “big” business?), should support Governer to make sure that business is blooming. Contrary, ex-Governer Enrilch makes argument, that under O’Malley administration unemployment rate increased twice:”We ‘ve doubled our unemployment rate”, and small businesses were hurt, therefore, voters should choose Enrilch for Governer. Data: “When we let office , you may be able to recall, we had unemployment around 4 percent “, pointed the ex Governer. Futhermore, by the “National Federation of American Business”, Maryland was rated poorly , goes on Enrilch. Warrant: In this claim, he uses the same assumption, as O’Malley. But his data totally different. Rebuttal : “We seem to have job growth in the public sector”, confirming Enrilch.This is the rebuttal because it is some exception to his claim about raising unemployment rates. And ex-Governor try to devalue it by saying, that it is because of stimulus and  therefore not important. Both O’malley and Enrilch arguments are value arguments.O’Malley argument is value argument because, he made  judgment that under his administration state of Maryland goes forward.There is implicit warrant in this argument-moving forward is good. Also  Enrilch argument is the value argument because in his argument,  he is comparing unemployment rates(under his administration the rate was twice less) and small businesses were doing better.Here is too implicit warrant in the argument (higer unemployment rates and “hostile” condition for small businesses are bad for economy).Quilifiers for O’ Maley argument and Enrilch argument again seems to be the same as both, present Governer and ex Governer, pointed out , that for stronger economy the unemployment rate and   health of small businesses is not the only issues, but may be the most important issues .(Enrilch:” …obviosly job creating being the No.1 issue in this campaign”.  O’Malley: ” …all jobs created in our state are created by small business.”)

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Analysis critics article “Orange,Hat@Grace”

Natalia Rollins

Professor Sylvia Lee


September 2010

In this article critic is evaluating Theater Performance “Orange,Hat@Grace”. It is published in NY Times. He uses elevating “good” English because his auditorium is educated and interested about theater life people. I did not see the performance and I don’t feel like going now, because critic opinion is not favorable .Critics language ,the words and sentences ,what he is using shows that he is intelligent, and professional, therefore readers can somewhat at least keep in mind his opinion. “I can not fathom why this dreary hillbilly romance is on stage at Soho Rep, one of the city’s more prestigious incubators of avant-garde theater “,”material which is odd without being interesting”, ” Don’t ask me why two of three characters in Gregory S. Moss’s play “Orange ,Hat@ Grace” are called Orange and Hat. I haven’t a Clue, and I suspect they don’t either” the tone all of this comments are sarcastic and negative .

Critics criteria for evaluation is clear .Consistence and truth of the characters,” coherent meaning material”, which supposed to say something important to the auditorium. For example, author pointed, that two main characters Orange and Hat were using English “generally presented as barely literature” and than at breakfast they suddenly were having “sardonic eloquence” conversation . Or Orange seems trying to teach Hat good manners but than “makes open reference to the unimpressive size of his genitalia over the morning eggs’‘.

Critic use patterns of development like comparison and contrast above to back up his opinion about luck of consistence and”sense of truth” in main characters. He noted also, that mostly performance is just look to similar too another performance “Take away the pretentious ornamentation, and you’ve got something that resembles an R-rated update of a “Ma and Pa Kettle movie. Being distinguish from another performance is another critics criteria, which is not met.

Finally, in author opinion all performance have nothing to say because”any coherent meaning is lost in a weird miasma of cheap comedy.”

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black men ski

  It was hard for me to get the point in first place. “Black Men Ski” , so what?After reading Internet I found that “Black Men Ski” is expression in American culture. I  guess ,Stew thinks that in US some people  are still racist and they do not expect black people to be able to ski ,golf , or do what ever they were not allowed in America before,  and singer argues whith them. To those, who believes, that racism does not exist anymore, author answered, that they are having “luxury” state of mind(it  is just my interpretation)   

Stew  main argument-“Black Men Ski elegantly” , despite of racist who thinks otherwise,-on the other words means that black men can do anything and achieve any goal.Because it is perfomance he uses empression  on his face or he even puts mask on his head to convinced his auditorium . For example, when Stew repeating  “Black Men Ski” , his face expressing surprise -that what he thinks, racist suppose to feel.

 Stew is a great singer and it is important that he is addressing social issues in his performance .

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